'The Sound of Music'
Portrayed Captain Georg Von Trapp, UK tour, Andrew Lloyd Webber/David Ian/Really Useful Group, directed by Jeremy Sams

"All the members of the cast pitch it just right to catch the believability of this modern day fairytale. None more than Michael Praed's Captain Von Trapp, the easy realism of his acting is a joy to watch as he moves from troubled widower marching his seven beautiful children, with a touch of Andrew Lloyd Webber's control freakery, controlling them with sharp blows from his bo'sun's whistle to festival concert artist with his moving rendering of 'Edelweiss'."
Michael Kelligan, Theatre in Wales

"Michael Praed was a fabulous Captain von Trapp, striking the right balance between stuffy reserve, moral resolve and affection."
Emma Clayton, Bradford Telegraph and Argus

'The Murder Game'
Portrayed Randall Kelly, King's Head Theatre - London, directed by John Tillinger

"The author, James Farwell, is a New Orleans attorney and political consultant, fortunate indeed in securing the polished services of Gabrielle and Praed, the competent direction of John Tillinger and the sleek design of Kingís Head veteran Nigel Hook."
Michael Coveney, Whatsonstage

'An Ideal Husband'
Portrayed Sir Robert Chiltern, UK tour, Bill Kenwright Ltd., directed by Mark Piper based on Sir Peter Hall

"The story follows Sir Robert Chiltern and his wife, expertly played by Michael Praed and Carol Royle as their relationship is tested by a blackmail bid from manipulative Mrs Cheveley...With a magnificent cast and carefully constructed sets this adds up to an highly enjoyable evening."
Maria Robertson, Whatsonstage

"With his dark good looks and natural elegance I thought Michael Praed was ideal casting as Sir Robert Chiltern Ė the ideal husband of Oscar Wilde's classic comedy of political intrigue and corruption."
Diana Eccleston, Croydon Advertiser

"Michael Praed, another ex-Dynasty star and once TV's Robin Hood, played Sir Robert Chiltern with a gentle but engaging charisma... ."
Abigail Saltmarsh, Norwich Evening News

Portrayed Milo Tindle, UK tour, Bill Kenwright Ltd., directed by Joe Harmston

"In the tradition of the finest humdingers, this 'Sleuth' draws us inexorably in and easily qualifies for one of those most sought-after verdicts: riveting. Quality of the first division Ė in short, a masterpiece."
Simon Lewis, BBC Radio Gloucestershire

"A dynamic duo in sparkling form make this thriller excellent entertainment."
Kathryn Smith, Middlesborough Evening Gazette

"Michael Praed ... was hugely convincing as a man driven to madness by the humiliating tricks played upon him."
Aled Thomas, Gloucestershire Echo

"...played zestfully with a carefree swagger..."
Andrew van Terheyden, Slough Observer

"...itís Michael Praedís adulterous parvenu holiday-agent that makes this production."
Timothy Ramsden, Reviews Gate

'Blue on Blue'
Portrayed Neil, Haymarket Theatre - Basingstoke, directed by John Adams

"Much to savour at brilliant premiere"
Basingstoke Gazette

"The skilled cast performs the play with sincerity and realism..."
Julie Watterston, The Stage

"...the production showcases vivid performances by Michael Praed, Kathryn Pogson, Alexandra Staden and Michael Colgan as the journos and Andrew Frame and Nicholas Bailey as the military men."
Reading Evening Post

'Killing Castro'
Portrayed Tom Madison, UK tour, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd, directed by David Giles

"David Gilesí well-paced production boasts a quartet of finely-judged performances from actors whose rapport is a pleasure to watch. Michael Praedís smooth career assassin makes murder into an everyday banality."
Judi Herman, Whatsonstage

"Well directed by David Giles, there are excellent convincing performances from all concerned."
Sheila Connor, Britishtheatreguide.com

"Michael Praed has his moments, too, as the sinister cynical technical services supremo, a kind of malign Q with a passion for poison."
Charles Spencer, The Telegraph

"Clive Mantle, Edward Hardwicke and the outstanding Michael Praed ... along with relative newcomer Joe Shaw... improvise at will to great comedic effect as the bumbling plotters who come up with all manner of ludicrous schemes. "
AJW, Bromsgrove Advertiser

"I particularly enjoyed Michael Praed as the elegant dirty weapons boffin who on the surface appears the most rational of the senior participants but, to judge from his ideas, is evidently as mad as a hatter."
Terry Grimley, Birmingham Post

Portrayed Paul Sheldon, King's Head Theatre - London, Popular Productions Ltd, directed by Alan Cohen

"(There) is great chemistry between Praed and Penhaligon."
Caroline Ansdell, Whatsonstage

"Much of the attraction (of 'Misery'), however, is the opportunity to experience close-up two of the finest acting talents in today's theatre at work and Penhaligon and Praed do not disappoint."
Nick Awde, The Stage

"Praed magnificently brings to life a man who relies on humour and strength of character to see him through his darkest hour."

Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph

"Once again, the King's Head has found some top class actors..."
Tom Foot, Camden New Journal

'A Year in the Merde'
Narrated audiobook by Stephen Clarke, Random House

"Michael Praed parodies the infuriating French businessmen and women with such feeling that I assumed he was the author until I checked the cover. "
Christina Hardyment, Timesonline.co.uk

"...Michael Praedís French accents - especially the chap who learnt his English in the American South - are hilarious."
Karen Robinson, The Sunday Times

'Beautiful and Damned'
Portrayed F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lyric Theatre - London, Charles Dobson, directed by Craig Revel Horwood

"Michael Praed and Helen Anker are great as the charismatic Fitzgeralds."
Amanda Hodges, londontheatre.co.uk

"Michael Praed delivers a fine performance as Fitzgerald, a genius whose main flaw was his unflinching belief that vast amounts of alcohol helped his creativity. Both Anker and Praed sing wonderfully."
Kevin O'Sullivan, The Mirror

"(Michael Praed) carries off Scott with a degree of diffident charm"
Timothy Ramsden, reviewsgate.co.uk

"Michael Praed looks the part of the dashing young writer as captivated with himself as he is with the beautiful Zelda but also as brutal as any self-possessed writer can be."
Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter

'Three on a Couch'
Portrayed Theodore Hoffman, King's Head Theatre - London, directed by Andy Jordan

"Michael Praed shines as the straightlaced analyst, and Leigh Zimmerman oozes sex appeal and brain power as the jilted wife, overseeing the highly suggestive peeling of a mango during a hilarious seduction scene that has juice dripping over the couch."
Dominic Cavendish, The Daily Telegraph

"Ö robust, highly enjoyable performances from Michael Praed as the repressed Freudian, Rolf Saxon as the self-obsessed author and, in particular, Leigh Zimmerman as the glamorous MiriamÖ"
Robert Shore, Time Out

"Michael PraedísÖ excellent performance is the catalyst for all that is best in this production"
Dominic Martin, The Stage

"Michael Praed is all tweed, bow tie and stammer as Theodore in a pitch-perfect performance that is a throwback to '30s screwball movies."
Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter

'The Constant Wife'
Portrayed Bernard Kersal, UK tour, Bill Kenwright Productions, Directed by Mark Piper

"The cast work extremely well together, the lines delivered with timing, panache and enthusiasm. I have to say one of my favourite moments involves Michaelís character Bernard, who is so overjoyed that he skips off the stage like a school girl."
Tara Jeffrey, bbc.co.uk/nottingham

"...a delectable former suitor arrives in the form of Michael Praed's attractively played Bernard Kersal."
Thelma Good, Edinburgh Guide

Portrayed Michael Wiley, Queen's Theatre - London, Directed by Susan Strohman

"Michael Praed was impressive as the frenzied advertising executive, whilst Leigh Zimmerman oozed class as the stunning girl in yellow. "
London News

"The fusion of drama and dance is sustained by first rate performers. "

'Copacabana: The Musical'
Portrayed dual role of Tony/Stephen, UK tour, Stiletto Entertainment, directed by Christopher Robinson

"Newly reworked and with Michael Praed as its star, the Barry Manilow-penned musical returns as a much more accomplished piece of work.  The praise has to go to Praed who steps into the role of Tony/Stephen with an insouciance he may have picked up whilst working in Hollywood.   The Dynasty star is certainly a surprise as a  singing dancing stage presence."
Janet Reeder, Manchester Metro News

'Design for Living'
Portrayed Otto, Gielgud Theatre - London, Bill Kenwright / Donmar Warehouse Production, directed by Sean Mathias

"Actor Michael Praed has come to the rescue of the award-winning West End production of Noel Coward's 'Design for Living' with one of the theatre's more remarkable feats of memory."
Robin Stringer, Evening Standard

"We holed him up in a hotel over the weekend with an audio tape of the show.  He rehearsed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and went on at the Gielgud Theatre Wednesday night.  He was superb."
Simon Meadon, associate producer
on Michael Praed taking over the huge role (three acts) from Rupert Graves with three rehearsals

'Robin of Sherwood'
Portrayed Robin of Loxley, HTV Goldcrest Films and TV, HTV and Showtime

"The Eighties TV version of the legend had hunky Praed as the moody hero while Ray Winstone had an early role as Will Scarlett. This was a huge hit and defined the legend for a generation. Praed was perfect in the lead role, with Judi Trott as his lovely Lady Marian."
Brian McIver, Daily Record (Glasgow)

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